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My name is Donahvan Robello and I am the owner of Variant SEO. I started my internet marketing career with blogging and affiliate marketing and I have learned a few things along the way. Some skills I’ve picked up include web design, PPC, SEO, and content marketing.

Basically I know how to generate targeted traffic to any website

I love to get results and improve performance. I also like to utilize marketing strategies as a team. If you’ve ever watched a baseball game then you know that each player is of equal value. I feel the same way about internet marketing techniques. Each form is as equally important as the other and they should coexist, not work apart.

Bottom line I provide VALUE. Value is what drives the business world, so why try and beat the system? I sleep better at night knowing I provide my clients valuable marketing and I know your customers will appreciate it as well.

Why Work With Me

As compared to working with an agency, when you work with me you get my full attention. I have the ability to focus on your business and work hand in hand with you. With me you don’t get work that’s been scattered across a team, you get detailed oriented work created by yours truly. I feel that value is my biggest priority and that’s what I deliver to my clients.