Variant SEO Named Top San Antonio SEO Agency by…

Variant SEO joined the curated list of most reputable SEO agencies in San Antonio by The Agency List.

Top San Antonio SEO Agency

The Agency List is a resource created by SEMCentric Online Marketing to help businesses find industry leading agencies all over the U.S. We are proud to be on the list for top SEO agencies in San Antonio!

We’ve spent years developing a system to help businesses grow online through organic search. We’ve gotten SEO down to a science and have been able to replicate success for all of our clients.

It’s something that we pride ourselves on, which is why we wanted to share the recognition. We truly appreciate the effort made by The Agency List to recognize industry professionals for their efforts.

More About The Agency List

The Agency List is dedicated to providing an easy to navigate resource for those trying to find agencies in their area. Their list isn’t a sponsored inclusion, so when you find an agency on The Agency List it’s because they feel they belong there.

The list isn’t biased towards revenue, advertising spend, or agency size, It is purely based on the work an agency does, which is why we are proud to be included.

List Inclusion Process

The list is curated by marketing professionals who research agencies thoroughly to see if they are a good fit. Unlike traditional directories, these listing are manually created and curated to increase the quality of their site. No other directory goes to the lengths that The Agency List does to find quality within the digital marketing industry.


5 Ways to Dominate Google Local Search Results

I created this video to show business owners how they can dominate Google local with 5 easy tips. There are many factors to Google local rankings, but the ones covered in this video are the most important. They are:

Optimized Google my Business Listings

Optimizing your Google my Business (GMB) listing is a great way to increase leads through local seo. You can do so by using your industry/business keywords in your listing. Ex: a San Antonio Towing Compnay will want to have their title as Business name towing/Business Name towing company/or San Antonio Towing Company. By doing so Google will naturally give you a higher ranking because the map pack uses more keyword related results strcturing.

Aside from that you also want to have consistent NAP or Name, Address, and Phone Number. You don’t want to confuse Google and decrease organic results by having multiple listings on the internet with different info. Consistency is key!

Local Citations

Local citations will not only help your organic rankings but your GMB as well. Citations are mentions of your websites NAP on the web. You an build hundreds of citations on various sites, the most common being Yelp and Yellow pages.

Citations are the same as your GMB, you want a consistent NAP when creating them. This is critical to citations being of use to your google local rank. Build as many citations as you can! You can find niche relevant citations as well as location specific. The more you build the better!

Business/Social Signals

Every business needs to be on social media i they aren’t already. This is an increasingly important factor for Google so make sure you are utilizing it. Grow your following, actively post content, and engage your audience as much as possible.

DO NOT buy fake social signals!!! Make sure that all of the social signals going to your site are from real accounts!


Backlicks are one of the more important factors. You want to have links from other sites back to yours. You can get these by creating accounts on social media, being active in niche forums, commenting on niche relevant blogs, guest posting, getting published in news sites, press releases, and resource pages.

The most important thing is quality over quantity! Make sure you are getting links from spam free sites that are relevant to yours (real estate blog- realtor website).

Content (Blog and Site)

Google likes sites that update content regularly, so you need to put out fresh content on a regular basis. This can be done in the form of blog posts that your customers will find useful and that you can promote on your social media.

By doing so you will show Google that your website is a high quality authority and you will also be able to market to your customers via content. Make sure to interlink your content relevantly to increase your rankings (post about home repair – home repair landing page that you want to rank).

I plan to make more in depth videos on the subject of local SEO but this video shows you the bulk of how we rank our local clients here at Variant SEO. Hope you enjoy the video!

Watch the video on YouTube HERE