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 Our Services Aren’t For Every Business

Variant SEO works with businesses to increase sales and exposure through the internet. We work with a limited amount of businesses to ensure quality and results, so all businesses must meet our requirements before being considered.

Criteria for Working With Variant SEO

All businesses MUST meet the requirements before going through the planning process. This is to ensure the best results for both your business and ours.

Established Business

We only work with business that are already established. No get rich quick schemes, gambling related sites, or start up companies. We only accept businesses that can handle rapid growth and sustainable expansion.

Established Customer/Client Base

All businesses we work with must have an established customer or client base and be self sufficient before working with us.

Consistent Sales

Your business must have consistent sales. Our services are great for growing businesses but shouldn’t be seen as the only avenue for sales.

Quality Products and Services

Your business reputation must be solid before we do any work together. Reputation is important and we don’t want to risk either your businesses or ours.

If you meet all of the requirements we’d love to partner with your business! Fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch…