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Here is the data showing how low the competition in your niche is, as well as the amount of people searching for concrete related terms on a monthly basis:

Competition Analysis for Victoria

Screenshot (13)

The Victoria Area has basically zero competition in Google, which means a majority of customers looking for concrete will find your business and website first.

Competition Analysis for Austin

Screenshot (14)

Competition in the Austin Area is low as well. If we decide to target Austin, your site will be found before others in the area, meaning you can get a majority of the customers from this area as well.

Competition Analysis for San Antonio

Screenshot (15)

There is some competition in the San Antonio area, but it is not too competitive. This again means that you could drum up a lot of business in this area, if we decide to target it.

Now this is only 3 areas that I looked into, and we can target any areas you would like. 

Here’s the amount of MONTHLY searches for keywords related to your business in these 3 areas:

Screenshot (16)

Throughout these 3 areas I researched how many people type in “concrete + area” and “concrete contractors + area”. For these 3 areas the total amount of searches, PER MONTH, was 500. This number is just a rough estimate from Google, but the search volume is usually correct. This means there is on average 500 people searching for concrete contractors in these three areas, per month. Also keep in mind this is only 2 keywords. There are people looking for concrete driveway repairconcrete patio, residential contractors, etc. 

I will say that the potential for business is greatest in areas outside of Victoria, but this means that you could easily expand your business to these areas as well as other areas you would wish to target.

So to sum everything up the competition is super low and the potential business is very high. This would be a cake walk for me to market in this industry. All I would need is a website and the capital to get the marketing done.


How I handle projects like this is an initial setup fee and a monthly performance fee. The initial setup fee will cover the website and the initial marketing efforts and the monthly performance fee is based off of the amount of business I send you on a monthly basis.

Initial Setup Fee

For the initial setup fee I propose a $1,500 ticket. This will allow me to make a website that is fully functioning and market your business in the areas of your choice. A bulk of the money will go to marketing and beefing up your listings. The website will be my asset, but will have all of your businesses information tied to it.

Monthly Performance Fee

The monthly performance fee is based on the number of customers I send to you and the average revenue you gain from my efforts. Typically I like to shoot for a base fee of $1,000 per month. I know that may sound like a lot, but if I’m driving you anywhere from 1-3 jobs a month (low end estimate), that $1,000 is a very small fee to pay.

I am able to track the amount of website visitors and phone calls I send to you, so I will be able to fairly track my performance.

This fee of course is negotiable and is based purely on my performance. If I’m not sending you jobs, you’re not getting charged. You also don’t need to pay until I can verify that I’ve sent you a job, I have call tracking so that I’ll be able to track all of this.

Just shoot me a text or give me a call if you have any questions. Upon agreement I’ll send you a contract and invoice