Napalm Motor Sports

Keyword Analysis

Screenshot (29)

I ran keyword research with the Google Keyword Planner for motorcycle related keywords in Austin, TX. (I apologize for fuzzy picture)

Total Keyword Volume = 4,180

This means that there are 4100 potential visitors to your website on a monthly basis, which translates to a lot of business for you. A low end estimate of visitors would be 2,000 and at a 1% conversion rate, this would result in 20 new customers a month.

The keyword that is most targeted to your business is motorcycle shop austin, and below I show the keyword competition for it.

Competition Analysis

Screenshot (30)

Screenshot (31) ranks in organic at #4 which is a good rank, but could be improved. The biggest hurt is that your business isn’t in the map pack, and with this being corrected your business can expect to receive more inbound leads for the keyword motorcycle shop austin.

This is just competition research for 1 keyword, and being able to dominate all of the keywords that I researched will have huge earning potential.

Website Audit

Here I’ll show you how your site can be improved both on and off page for higher Google rankings.


Screenshot (32)

Social Signals

First off is social signals, which play a role in search rankings, but aren’t the prime ranking factor. Your site has a healthy amount of Facebook signals but could use more Google Plus signals. Google Plus is a Google entity and therefore holds more weight than other social media sites.

Meta Keywords and H1/H2 Tags

Your site’s homepage is missing Meta Keywords, which can improve search ranking. Your site is also missing H1 and H2 tags which are also on-site factors that play a role in rankings.

These are the most prominent factors that I noticed, but there are other technical factors I would need to check for to improve on-site SEO.

Backlink Profile

Backlinks are very important to SEO, and here is the data I pulled for your site:

Trust and Citation Flow

Screenshot (25)

This photo shows your site’s backlink profile and metrics. The trust flow and citation flow being closer to a 1:1 ratio are a healthy sign for a site, which means that your site is off to a good start. My main concern is that your site has 120 referring domains and 527 external backlinks, which means that your site has a lot of links from the same place. This isn’t going to harm your site but it will also not benefit it because Google views this as a spam backlink profile.

Anchor Text

Screenshot (24)

This photo shows your site’s anchor text ratio. Anchor text is extremely important to avoid penalties, and your site has a very healthy anchor text profile. Your site doesn’t have any exact match anchors as far as I can see, has below 4% for most other anchors (which is good), and has a majority of naked URL anchors. My main concern with the backlink profile is the percentage of naked URLs and lack of branded URLs (Napalm Motor Sports). Also the variation could be better where there is multiple anchors with 4% which may seem automated and viewed as spam.


Screenshot (33)

Here’s a list of your top backlinks, which are all very healthy. This is a big factor in Google and your site is doing well in this area. More backlinks with the right anchor text will definitely help with rankings and increasing traffic as well as good on-page seo.


Overall your site has a good base for ranking in Google. A strong SEO campaign would mean a big increase in web traffic and customers. I know all the on-site tweaks that need to be made, have all the keywords that you would benefit from targeting, and can build the backlinks to gain you rankings.