Privacy Policy

How We Use Your Information

We collect and use your information to better our website, better tailor our advertisements online (we don’t want to show ads to the wrong people), and do respond more efficiently to your needs. Our information usage is strictly for these purposes and isn’t used otherwise.


Cookies are small files that are shared between a browser and a site (if allowed) so that the site can recognize your computer.

Our website uses cookies in the following ways:

  • To remember your preferences and avoid bombarding you with the same content
  • To more efficiently run advertisements, we don’t want to show the same people ads
  • To better track our user engagement and improve the quality of our site

You have the ability to block the usage of cookies, as well as be notified of their usage when visiting our site. We do use 3rd party providers to better understand our site. These service providers are not allowed to share your information, and can only use it to better understand our website.

Your Information Will Not Be Disclosed

We do not disclose, sell, or trade your personal information with anyone. The exception is only third party service providers who have agreed not to disclose information and assist us in understanding our website. Your personal information will not be released under any circumstances, other than for legal purposes or to protect our rights and policies.

Your Consent

By using our website, you consent to our privacy policy. Any changes or updates to the privacy policy will be listed on this page.


If you need to contact us in regards to this privacy policy or any other concerns click here.