Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the traffic generating strategy of ranking a website in Google so that potential customers can find your business. SEO is the best form of traffic a business can acquire and the most effective. When people search for what you have to offer you want to be there first…We can make this happen.

Why Choose Us?

SEO Best Practices

We know what works and what doesn’t through hours of trial and error and hundreds of resources. We have SEO down to a science and can get results in a quick and safe manner. We don’t practice any form of SEO that is harmful or obsolete, which nearly guarantees us¬†rankings time and time again. If you want results with SEO you’ve come to the right place!

No Competitors

We don’t work with your competitors, period. We choose one business in one industry and that’s it. No worries about having to outbid your competition or having to pay-to-play. If you’re our client we make sure to take care of you exclusively.

Cost Effective

Although SEO is an investment it can yield very high returns. Our services are not cheap, it’s true, but the value of are services is worth your money. We provide SEO as a mean to increase your sales and customer base, and if we can’t help you do that we won’t close a deal with you.

SEO Strategy

I like to rank everything I can. My strategy is simple, if it’s an online property let’s get it ranked. I rank everything from YouTube videos, Websites, Social Media Pages, eCommerce Stores, Product Pages (Amazon/eBay/Etsy), and even Yelp and Yellow Pages listings. The more property your business has on page 1 the better, so I make sure to rank as much properties as possible. At Variant SEO we don’t like to just be on Google, we like to DOMINATE it!

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