Six Pack Shortcuts

Here I’ll show you how Six Pack Shortcuts can benefit from proper SEO and keyword research and show you how I can help. I’ll show you the numbers before getting into the technical stuff, which is more to show you that I know what I’m talking about.


The number of monthly visitors that Six Pack Shortcuts can attract on a monthly is very high, and the amount of customers is even higher. The same traffic and keywords can be targeted through PPC but the cost is going to be very high and with organic rankings you don’ have to worry about click-through-rates, cost-per-click, or conversion rates (although it’s still important, there’s just less money wasted).

I compiled a list of keywords that are six pack related to to have a number to give as an example. Out of these keywords there is roughly 579,000 monthly searches on Google. At a 1% conversion rate from this number you could expect 5,790 new customers on a monthly basis. With SEO you can target these keywords and have much higher margins than you would with PPC. This of course is just a handful of keywords and at a 1% conversion rate. Below I’ll expound on this and show you how it can be achieved.

Keyword Research

The most important thing is keyword research. When I went into Google and searched the terms that would be beneficial for your site I wasn’t able to find your site, but I did see Adwords Ads. If a website isn’t on the first page then it won’t get much, if any, traffic for the keyword it’s targeting. On top of that the keywords are expensive on Adwords and the cost adds up quickly.

Now the weight loss niche is very competitive and you have to be able to compete with site’s like and for certain keywords. Where SPS could benefit and dominate is by targeting keywords that are long tail searches. What this means is that instead of targeting six pack you target how to get a six pack for men. These searches are not only more targeted and result in better conversions, but they are often times less competitive and allow your site to get all the traffic for them. Even these long tail keywords have a high number of monthly searches, and when enough of them are targeted they will add up to massive amounts of search volume.

Proper keyword research would mean easy rankings, more targeted visitors, and an increase in buyers


SEO is a long term plan, but one that will be beneficial to Six Pack Shortcuts. In order to get these results a SEO campaign would have to be put in place. This would consist of:

  • Optimizing through various technical means (robots.txt, meta descriptions, load speed)
  • Blog posts targeting long tail keywords
  • Video titles that are optimized for long tail keywords
  • Building content targeted at buyer keywords
  • Building backlinks in a natural manner
  • Utilizing authority throughout to boost rankings on various pages

By performing these strategies above Six Pack Shortcuts will be able to benefit from organic search traffic and gain highly targeted traffic.

I ran an audit for to show what can be fixed and improved for better SEO. If you’re interested just email me me at and we can schedule a time to talk.