Top 7 Directories for San Antonio Businesses to Use

Top 7 Directories for San Antonio Businesses to Use

In this list I’m going to show you the best local directories for San Antonio Businesses to use. Before I get into the list I want to explain why your business needs these citations and how it can help with your Google marketing. Local directories are a big part of a San Antonio SEO campaign and you’ll need as many high quality citations as you can get!

What is a Directory and Why Does Your Business Need It?

A directory is a website that allows you to submit your businesses info or NAP (Name, Address, Phone) so that customers can find you online. The most common directories are Yelp and Yellow Pages. Google uses local directories to better understand a businesses location since it cannot see the business for itself. A business located in San Antonio is expected to have citations (directory listings) pointed to its business location, its a no-brainer.

Example of a citation used for local seo

In order to rank higher in Google and get more customers coming to your website you’ll need to build as many high-quality listings as possible. The 3 types that we build are General, Location Relevant, and Niche Relevant. You want a mixture of all of these, but for local purposes we want to focus on the location relevant ones.

How to Build a Citation PROPERLY!

Citations can make or break your Google ranking since they are a huge factor in local SEO. For this reason it is imperative that you build them correctly. Here’s our guidelines for building proper local citations:

  1. * Consistent NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number that is on your website and other citations)
  2. Claim Your Listings (if Needed)
  3. Link Back to Your Website (Target Page/Home Page)
  4. Complete Your Citations (Images, Descriptions, Tags)

example of an incorrectly made local citation

As you can see in the image above, this is an example of how NOT to make a citation.Our NAP isn’t consistent, our listing isn’t claimed, and we haven’t completed it as well. By not completing it we are hindering our rankings, as well as giving insufficient info to Google about our business. We want all of our citations to be as high of quality as possible, so that we get a good ranking in return.

Our Pick of Top Local Directories for Businesses in San Antonio

Now we get to the list! We compiled the top local relevant citations that we use for our sites to give them an extra boost in ranking power.


This is by far the higher quality citation out of the list. is a great resource for both those living and visiting San Antonio. They have many articles throughout their website giving great insight to their readers, which is why it’s a great place to have your business listed.

2. is a news source for the San Antonio area. They have a lot of articles based around local businesses in the San Antonio area, as well as interested topics that are geared towards SA residence. Their directory is sourced by Axciom, so you’ll have to go to their business listing manager to be submitted.

3. is a sub-domain of, which is a national directory. They one of the bigger directories online, which makes them a good choice for a local business listing. This is also a two-for-one, since you’ll have the location relevance, as well as the power from having a link on an authoritative directory.

4. is a well updated local directory that caters to all types of businesses in the San Antonio area. This is a great place to be listed because of its location relevance, which will show Google that you’re s true San Antonio business.

5. is a huge directory of San Antonio businesses that showcases daily deals, classified ads, and networking communities. Their website caters to both consumers and other businesses, which makes it a great place to market for B2B networking, as well as B2C.

6. is a great place for all types of businesses. It has categories for every business type I can think of, has an easy to use website, and is location relevant! It’s a win all the way around, which makes it a great tool to add to your arsenal.

7. is a great website for anyone in San Antonio in need of finding high quality businesses. They have an easy to use website, which makes it a breeze for customers to find you through them. The location relevance also makes it a must for your SEO campaign.

Let Us Do This For You!

Ranking number 1 in Google poses a great ROI for many business, but is complicated and time consuming. Creating citations is just a fraction of the work, but by working with us you can sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting!

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If you like our list leave us a comment below, and if you have any citations that we left out feel free to share!


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